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MidAtlantic Engineering – Perimeter Air Monitoring Plan

By January 19, 2023June 7th, 2023No Comments

MidAtlantic recently completed agrochemical remediation for a client at a residential development in Monmouth County, NJ. Historic use of the property as an orchard resulted in lead arsenate and organochlorine pesticide contamination in surface soils at the site. The remediation consisted of safe consolidation and capping of contaminated soils into a designed berm, allowing for the planned development and subsequent residential use of the site.

In order to safely move contaminated materials, MidAtlantic prepared and implemented a Perimeter Air Monitoring Plan (PAMP) with the goal of conducting real-time monitoring of the site’s dust emissions. Preparation of the PAMP included calculating instantaneous and time-weighted particulate action levels, selecting monitoring methods and locations for air monitoring equipment, and establishing alarm responses that would be effective in preventing exposure of the adjacent residential and school communities to the site’s contaminants. We can proudly state that zero emissions were reported leaving the site above defined action levels, a result of excellent planning and execution by our qualified team of environmental professionals.

The final PAMP included four monitoring stations that measured total respirable dust. In addition, one of the monitoring stations was equipped with a weather station that captured wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Each monitoring station was equipped with recharging solar panels and was connected to a cloud-based monitoring and recording system that notified MidAtlantic of any alarm conditions. This monitoring method allowed real-time access to all data and the operation of monitoring stations without on-site MidAtlantic staff. MidAtlantic’s role in this project ensured the remedial actions completed were protective of public health and the environment, and allowed continual progress during development activities, working with our client to complete their desire goal. We can proudly say that zero emissions were reported leaving the site above defined action levels.

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