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Whitney Museum of American Art – Routine Inspection

By January 27, 2023No Comments

The Whitney Museum of American Art, in collaboration with Hudson River Park and David Hammons, created and facilitated a permanent art exhibit titled Day’s End. The installation is located in Hudson River Park along the southern edge of Gansevoort Peninsula, directly across from the Museum.

Proposed to the Whitney by Hammons, Day’s End takes inspiration from an artwork of the same name by Gordon Matta-Clark. In 1975, Matta-Clark cut five openings into the Pier 52 shed that formerly occupied the site. Hammons’s Day’s End is an open structure that precisely follows the outlines, dimensions, and location of the original shed—and, like Matta-Clark’s invention, it offers an extraordinary place to experience the waterfront.

As part of routine maintenance of the exhibit, MidAtlantic performed a structural inspection of the Day’s End art exhibit. The inspection was successfully conducted in accordance with standards of the Waterfront Facilities Maintenance Management System Inspection Guidelines Manual 2016 and the New York State Department of Transportation Bridge Inspection Manual 2017. The primary focus of the inspection was to assess the overall condition of the exhibit, including inspection of the superstructure frame and approximately 20-percent of the shop welds. 

The structural inspection was performed by a fully qualified structural engineer licensed in the State of New York.

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