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The River LINE was constructed from 1999 to 2004 as part of a $600 million investment to provide light rail services from Camden to Trenton. The southern alignment extends 34 miles and consists of 25 bridges and 20 rail stations.

MidAtlantic’s Marine & Infrastructure Group recently completed an In-Depth Fracture Critical Inspection of the Southern New Jersey Light Rail Transit System bridge U.G. 12.28 located along The River LINE. Bridge U.G. 12.28 is the largest structure in the Southern New Jersey Light Rail Transit System inventory with an overall length of nearly 600 feet. The bridge consists of five prestressed concrete box beam approach spans and one 210 feet steel tied arch main span and carries two tracks of light rail vehicle. The bridge spans Rancocas Creek between the towns of Riverside, New Jersey and Delanco, New Jersey.

MidAtlantic’s team of highly qualified structural engineers and certified technicians utilized advanced inspection techniques, including robotic drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, Pontoon Boats equipped with hydraulic 60 feet manlifts, Level III NDT, and contracted AWS certified technicians capable of performing UT and magnetic particle non-destructive testing to successfully complete our services. These cutting-edge tools and strategic partnerships enabled MidAtlantic to assess the bridge’s structural integrity while maintaining light rail vehicle service. Traditional inspection methods would typically require a temporary halt in rail services, leading to significant disruptions.

This innovative approach reflects a commitment to both safety and the uninterrupted flow of rail traffic. The success of this groundbreaking inspection will not only ensure the bridge’s continued reliability but also sets a new standard for challenging infrastructure assessments in the future.

Great work Glen Fitzgerald, P.E. and Kevin Koehler!

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