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Congratulations Pennrose on the award-winning, One Thompson Avenue! Located in the Town of Dover, New Jersey, One Thompson Avenue is the final product of innovative reuse of an underutilized parking lot, and creative strategy and collaboration between entities to ensure affordable housing in a walkable downtown.

MidAtlantic’s William Parkhill attended New Jersey Future‘s 2023 Smart Growth Awards as a member of the project development team, and was joined by Thriven DesignAJD Construction Inc, the Town of Dover, and NJ TRANSIT.

New Jersey Future’s Smart Growth Awards honor projects, plans, and policies across the state that demonstrate smart growth principles in action. The awards shine a spotlight on individuals, businesses, and organizations with the vision to encourage smart growth values and designs. Since 2002, New Jersey Future has honored more than 130 projects with Smart Growth Awards. For more information about One Thompson Avenue, click the link below.

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