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A Message from MidAtlantic

By March 18, 2020June 7th, 2023No Comments

We all face this challenge together.

The whole MidAtlantic team has a brave and determined outlook.  Like many of you, we continue to try and understand and cope with the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We remain open to serve our clients.  Many of our employees continue to be in the office while we have plans in place to operate fully remotely if needed.  Let’s hope it is not needed,” states firm Principal Louis Zuegner. 

Uncertainty is difficult for everyone.  In the midst of this viral contagion, the health and safety of staff and clients remains our top priority.  Finding means to safely and effectively keep working is also critical for any operating small business and MidAtlantic’s great and talented staff are working hard to keep the wheels turning.  While we are open for business during this challenging time, some of our offices have already been moved to remote work environments at the direction of our elected officials.  The employees still reporting to the office are following all the proper guidelines and procedures put in place by the CDC ( 

We know that the work we do is important for many communities and companies in our area and we’re committed to continuing to meet our clients’ needs during this public health crisis.  Together, we will find success in the face of this challenge.