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As the level of government awareness and scrutiny of environmental conditions of properties continues to grow, New Jersey property owners and contractors are often faced with difficult soil management decisions. It is becoming increasingly common for financial institutions and government agencies other than the NJDEP to require that fill imported to a property be pre-approved by a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP), even if the property is not in the NDJEP’s Contaminated Site Remediation and Redevelopment Program (CSRRP).

MidAtlantic’s Sarah Dyson, LSRP recently supported a client on several demolition projects in Middlesex County. The projects were utilizing a state funding mechanism that required LSRP pre-approval of all imported fill. Ms. Dyson implemented a multi-tiered approach to meet the client’s needs and schedule. MidAtlantic was able to utilize existing data to quickly approve a portion of the material proposed for import while MidAtlantic conducted additional sampling and analysis to establish compliance with the applicable remediation standards. The additional data allowed Ms. Dyson to issue a subsequent approval for the balance of the material.

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